the greatest gift of all

Margaret Keenan receiving congratulations 12-8-2020

Wow! It is here, and I am overwhelmed! A vaccine developed, tested, and approved in only 9 months? REALLY? “They” said it couldn’t be done in less than two to four years. But it’s here. NOW! Praise God! December 8, 2020, in Coventry, England, Margaret Keenan, a feisty, red-headed 91-year-old received the first Covid-19 vaccine! Last week in the US our brave health workers began to receive the first US vaccine, and a second vaccine begins distribution this week!

(Okay, I recognize the overuse of exclamations, but people, a vaccine!!! And warning—there will be more!)

On December 8, Steven Powis, medical director of NHS in England, said, “This really feels like the beginning of the end.” And that small inkling of hope is a great Christmas present, indeed!

Before the end of 2020, thousands in the US will receive vaccines. Praise God!

Grateful. That’s what I feel. Grateful and blessed! And thankful for medical personnel and all frontline workers, essential personnel, teachers, and to those who worked day and night to develop the vaccine. Thankful for those who participated in testing programs.

Merry Christmas! And won’t we all have a merrier Christmas knowing that the most vulnerable will receive the vaccine if they choose and anticipating that all will have the opportunity to receive it in the months ahead?

Because a vaccine means hugs, kisses, hand shakes. Singing in church. Basking in smiles not hidden by masks. Eating in restaurants, flying to spend time with family and friends. Hopefully, lessening of depression, and alcohol and drug usage. Abundant joy!

But as great as this early Christmas present is, it isn’t the greatest gift of all. For all the good the vaccine brings, it doesn’t bring peace of heart, forgiveness of sins, or eternal life. The gift of God’s son, whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day, is truly the greatest gift of all.

Adoration of the Shepherds 1622,
Gerrit van Honthorst

Covid could morph into another pandemic. Another virus may come our way. Not to be a downer, but all manner of evil can beset us. But the True Greatest Gift keeps giving no matter what comes our way. In Christ we have peace that passes all understanding. Because of Christ, we have hope and can weather whatever comes.

So today, I want to take my heartfelt feelings of joy and thankfulness for the vaccine and transfer that even greater gratitude to God for His Great Gift, Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Will you take the vaccine when available? Comment below!

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  1. I really hope that governments don’t mandate that travelers must have taken the vaccine before being permitted to enter their countries. Some people just can’t take the vaccine due to allergic reactions and others have religious restrictions that would prohibit them from taking the vaccine.

    Once the infection rate falls below the annual norms we see every flu season, people should be allowed to freely move about the planet.

    I mean, who really wants to fly wearing a face mask and a face shield. Not me!

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