Thank you for coming to my site. For months, 12.5 to be exact, I’ve written “This site is under construction, much like the home we’re building in the North Georgia mountains.” While we moved in on October 8th, building isn’t complete. That’s why there are no photos of the finished home on this site. However, that hasn’t taken away any gratitude and joy we feel for our new home.

The menu will take you to posts, newsletters, blogs, and recipes. I’ll add more posts and recipes. Subscribe and you’ll be reminded when I add new posts.

Front porch of our new home. Hopefully to be completed in a few weeks.

Haha! I posted that LONG ago! I was most naive and optimistic! The front porch is now finished except for staining.

This view of Yonah Mountain is why we bought this lot for our home.

These pages also include a bit about my writing journey and WIP (Work in Progress), family, photos, and quotes or devotional thoughts. I hope when you come to my website, you’ll know you are valued and will find something you value.

Nine years ago I read only non-fiction. That’s when the Kindle app entered my life, and I became hooked on fiction. Well over 600 novels later, I decided to write a book and spent the last several years learning the writing craft, editing, re-writing . . . and did I say editing?

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Along the way God blessed me with mentors, critique groups, Word Weavers International, the Jerry Jenkin’s writers guild, local and national ACFW groups, and writers conferences (like ACFW, BRMCWC, MM&SMR, and NGACWC).

Many of you have supported me with encouraging words, asking when my book will be published, and even answering questions that may seem off the wall. One of the ways you can encourage and help me the most is to subscribe to my newsletter (look for the place to do that on this page) and encourage your friends to do the same. You could “Like” my Facebook page, “follow” me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (click on a link or on the icon at bottom of page). Publishers want to know if an author has a “platform,” a following. YOU are my platform! I promise to respect your time and never to bombard you with emails.

Welcome, Friend.

Cele LeBlanc

(Pronounced Seal Luh Blaw)

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