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A little about me.

My name is Cecelia LeBlanc, but everyone calls me Cele, pronounced “Seal.” (My dad’s name is Cecil.) I am married to an amazing man, Randy LeBlanc. We have three awesome children, two amazing daughters-in-law, and five exceptional grandchildren. Our immediate family of twelve live in five states and one foreign country: Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and Australia. In addition, most of our other relatives live in Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, and South Carolina. With that in mind, we seldom have opportunity to get family portraits. The photo below was taken in January, 2016.


I love to write, sing in church choir, cook, read novels, and hang out with my husband, my family, and friends. I retired as a Mary Kay Sales Director where I worked for twenty-four years and have been an active consultant serving my customers for thirty years. As much as I enjoyed that, in 2016 I began a new career as a writer. There has been a huge learning curve, one I am still negotiating, but I am enjoying the process.

Since marrying, Randy and I have lived in sixteen locations in  five states, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia. We love the warm-hearted people and beautiful landscape of North Georgia.

Leave me a comment or question. I’d love to hear from you and know your story.


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