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Soon, these pages will include a bit about my writing journey and WIP (Work in Progress), book reviews, my family, some photos, an occasional devotional or quote, and even favorite recipes. I hope when you come to my website, you’ll know you are valued, and you’ll find something you value here.

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Nine years ago I read only non-fiction. That’s when the Kindle app entered my life and with it my first novel in many years.

Over 600 novels later, I decided to write a book and spent the last almost four years learning the writing craft, editing, re-writing . . . and did I say editing?

Along the way God blessed me with mentors, critique groups, Word Weavers International, the Jerry Jenkin’s writers guild, local and national ACFW groups, and Writers conferences like ACFW, BRMCWC, MM&SMR, and NGACWC.

Many of you have supported me with encouraging words, asking when my book will be published, and even answering questions that may seem off the wall. (Like “What is the typical soft drink of choice of a TX A&M graduate?”)

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Welcome, friend.

Cele LeBlanc (Pronounced Seal Luh Blau)

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