Newsletter June 15, 2019

I find myself in Australia for the second time in 2019!

I know! If you’d have asked me if I’d EVER go to Australia, I’d likely have said it wasn’t going to happen. But here I am—for the second time this year! Randy and I had a lovely time in the spring and did a lot of sightseeing. Even fed a kangaroo! Enjoyed beautiful beaches. Saw Melbourne and the Peninsula. Pictures above are from our spring trip.

Our son Jon moved here with his wife Lizzie and their son William Noel (we call him Noe-pronounced No-e) last November. They just had miracle baby number two. Caroline was born at just under 28 weeks, weighing 2 lb, 6 oz. There were LOTS of complications before the birth, so I have been here since May 25th and will be here all month, helping out with Noe, cooking, laundry, etc.  

With JOY I report Mom and Baby are doing well! Caroline will be in NICU for quite some time. I love being here to help, and just MAYBE I’ll get to hold Caroline before I leave!

I am In Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne. I love that I can walk to a coffee shop, to the grocery store, to a clothing shop, or restaurant, or ride the train most anywhere I’d like to go, even to the beach. Although it is winter here, the weather is moderate but rainy. 

Some of the things I have come to love about Australia:
1 ) The COFFEE- it is fabulous everywhere you go and it is available EVERYWHERE! 
2) The PEOPLE- they are friendly and don’t mind my Southern accent!
3) The HEALTHCARE – Our Caroline is getting wonderful care from the NICU nurses!
4) Of course – TIME with my family. 

I’d love to have your comments! Add them below.
Have you been to Australia? Or would you like to go? (the flight really isn’t that bad) Like me, are you pleasantly surprised by some of the things you’ve done or places you’ve been?

Thanks again for being a part of my newsletter group!
I’d love to hear back from you!

Cele LeBlanc

PS-I promised to update you on my book… at a recent writers conference, an agent took my proposal and first chapters to study. It doesn’t mean a contract, but it is a POSSIBILITY for a contract.

PS#2-I am coming to Australia the THIRD time in November! Actually, our whole family (minus 1 granddaughter) is coming. But that is the subject for another newsletter!

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